Update – February 2015

It has been a long time since I made an entry in this journal. Last was May 2012.

I’ve been in France since then, like exploring another land as I feel as alien here, although I do also belong, I share memories of my youth spent in this place. A strange double feeling of been part and apart. I’ve been relearning things, starting from the social and health services, rights and obligations, social and labors contracts… I’ve been on constant update of the social and political personalities. At first, it was almost as a full time job, lots to learn.

Since May 2014, I’ve been following a « Formation qualifiante », an eight-month professional training course – fulltime – in order to be certified « Formateur professionnel d’adultes » – Professional Trainer/Coach for adults. Translation is hard. I just got my title. Let’s say that I am now working in the field of professional training, with people who need to relearn how to read and write, rebuild their image of themselves, learn about computer and Internet, get a new job or get trained for a new profession.… Anyway…

New life.

The most I enjoy when entering into a new life are the new friends I make. I’ve met lately amazing people with whom I shared and keep sharing fabulous moments. This is the best part!

So it’s official. I am on a new journey. Let’s see where it takes me…


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Sandanzas, Buenos Aires – A fantastic hostel in the heart of San Telmo

I was planning to spend my 10 days in Buenos Aires with couchsurfers, but when I discovered the Hostel Sandanzas (Balcarce 1351, San Telmo, Buenos Aires) I realized that I had found my home in Buenos Aires and cancelled all of my couchsurfing appointments, except for one.

The hostel is located in the heart of San Telmo and is easily connected to all the places that one might want to visit in Buenos Aires. It is comfortable, offers anything that a mad traveler (or not so mad) wishes for, has a team of administrators and employees absolutely wonderful and is a fantastic place to make friends for life. For me, it was simply full of magic, kindness and love. I made more friends during my short stay in Sandanzas than in months traveling. Thanks everyone, I won’t forget you!

Check their web site at:

And please give them a big hug for me when you go and visit!

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WARNING: not all wwoof hosts are organic farmers! One case in Uruguay…

WWOOF originally stood for “Working Weekends on Organic Farms” and began in England in 1971. Today, WWOOF stands for World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (also known as Willing Workers on Organic Farms) (WWOOF). It is a network of national organizations which facilitate the placement of volunteers on organic farms.

As clearly indicated on the WWOOF Latin America web site, “Farms listed in WWOOF organizations are part of a world-wide effort to promote the concept of organic farming, sustainable agriculture and responsible consumer habits. As part of this effort, host farms offer WWOOF members the opportunity to learn by doing.” I joined the organization because of this, and because of the alternative lifestyle of volunteer rather than paid labor.

Unfortunately, some hosts do not respect this golden rule. This is the case of a property in Uruguay, north of the city of Colonia, on ruta 21, just next to the prison of Piedra de los Indios (host id URU006). I arrived there on April 4th, 2012 and left a month later. I had planned to spend more time at this location, but when I discovered that fertilizer had been used in the initial of the Almond plantation (5 years ago) and that herbicide was been regularly used in the 6 hectares of the Almond Trees plantations and in the veggie gardens, I decided to leave. The chemicals were stored in the barn (galpón) next to the bags of recently harvested almonds.

The owner is using TouchDown by Syngenta – to treat the 6 hectares of Almond trees and the veggie garden. It is an herbicide that is using the exact same components as Roundup from Monsanto – and that is absolutely not certified organic. In fact, these products are well known to be dangerous for humans (on contact) and highly contaminant of water resources. I saw the employee spray the TouchDown in two areas of the plantation. He was only wearing a small mask and no further protection. The mask, when I examined it, was a small filter designed exclusively for organic products, and therefore not appropriate for this type of use. I worked on one of these areas a few days later and the smell of the herbicide was overwhelming. The employee stopped spraying the chemical after I tried to talk to the owner about the issue of using chemicals as a wwoof host. She insisted that the herbicide was not dangerous and simply refused to further discuss the issue. I tried a few times to talk to her about the danger of such products and the organic alternatives but our conversations would quickly end up with her taking her head in her hands and saying repeatedly “I don’t want to talk about it…” Then I heard her telling her employee to stop spraying the herbicide and to continue when I would be gone.

TouchDown kills plants on contact, same as Roundup. It then penetrates the soil and can potentially contaminate all water reservoirs underneath. It is also extremely dangerous for the human on contact. None of the precautions suggested by Syngenta on the product label were respected and the employee was highly exposed to dangerous chemical all day.

Almond Trees – 6 ha. Touchdown has been used all over the area between the trees.

Tordon 101 by Dow Agro Sciences is another product that the owner likes to use, especially around the veggie garden and in the wooden area – where she collects “medicinal herbs” – to kill unwanted small trees. “Cortas uno y está porquería sale de nuevo con cuatro más [you cut one and this rubbish comes back with 4 more],” she told me a few times. This herbicide highly concentrated penetrates the roots of the small trees and kill them, leaving chemicals on the soil and the high risk of contaminating the water reservoirs underneath.

After spending a few days working in the Almond plantation, I was asked to prepare an organic veggie garden, next to another one under the care of the employee. I spent a few days clearing the area and was getting ready to prepare the soil when I heard the owner speak to her employee. She was planning the garden and telling him to spray all the area around the garden and the pathway with Touchdown after my departure. That evening, I notified the owner that I would be leaving her property in a few days. I explained her about my concern about the use of chemical in a veggie garden that she described as being “organic”. I realize that evening how much she was lying to me, and to all the other volunteers. Although I do not support the use of chemical and will never use any in any garden, I am only a guest as a wwoofer, and I only can present organic alternative to those who prefer to use chemicals. But at the end of the day, anyone is free to do what he/she wants with her land. What I condemn, more than anything else, is the lying about it, lying to us, volunteers, when talking about an organic garden, well knowing that herbicide had been used, and lying to the WWOOF organization when registering.

Photos of the first veggie garden behind the employee’s house. Touchdown has been used all around the area.

I realize how hard it might be for the WWOOF Latin America organization to send experts to verify that the registered hosts are indeed growing organically, or using ecologically sound methods on their land. I sincerely hope that they would find a way to assure that this is the case with all the hosts. I also wish that all volunteers would report, as I do here, the use of chemicals by wwoof hosts. I realize that some are maybe young and shy and simply don’t dare or don’t want to get into trouble. But as wwoofers, we have the responsibility to promote organic farming. This is what it is about since the 70’s and we just can’t give it up!

I invite you to participate in the discussion. If you have been a volunteer at this farm, please enter your own comments below.

See also the report (and comments) on WWOOF South America.

Additional Info…. Here is the reply that I received from Wwoof Latin America today (May 17, 2012):

Hello Fabrice, 

Thank you for contacting us on this matter. We appreciate all feedback you can give us as we rely on your direct experience at the farms to weed out unruly or misleading hosts. We are very sorry to hear that this farm is not following WWOOF guidelines and requirements. We have already sent an email to the host farm asking them to clarify the situation. Depending on their response this farm may either be moved to the Tribu Verde list or taken off our listings. Let us know if you have any questions. 


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Uruguay – Venus and Jupiter – Orion – Wind Storm and Full Moon – A spectacular welcome.

Traduire en français – Traducir en español

My host picked me up mi-morning at the hostal where I was staying in Montevideo. His god-son recommended it to me. It was a “hippie-like” hostal full of travelers from all over the world. Dormitories at low cost. A supermarket a block away. Brilliant.

I arrived to Uruguay the same day as my host’s God-daughter. She was coming from San Francisco. First trip in South America. I liked her right away… Hum, this seems to be a pattern, isn’t it?

On our first night at Steve’s place, Jupiter and Venus were rising as the first stars on our south-east sky. The full moon was on my left. In front of me, full sky, my companion, Orion, was welcoming me to my present journey. Full sky, opposite, the South Cross, beautiful.

I feel good and relax. My back no longer hurts. I’ve got my room, my privacy. We are a small group, each fully respectful of each other’s space. Nice.

Click to see Slideshow [8 photos]

Next evening, at sunset. The sky gets darker. The wind is rising. “These are common here. We get quite a few good ones” said Steve. I am in the middle of an Eucalyptus forest. My first storm in Uruguay. The wind grows, trees are bending. Nice sounds, pretty movements of branches and leaves, all in harmony. A ballet with its crescendos and uneven intensity. Curtains are flying. The wind is here and then it goes. Long grasses move like a sea with tall ones mimicking big waves of an angry sea.

My two companions – guests of Steve – his God-children – are returning on their bike from their journey. They are laughing and screaming, wet to the bone…

“That’s the biggest one I’ve seen so far”, said the God-child.

Life is good!

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Posadas, Argentina… What a welcome I got!

Traduire en français – Traducir en español

I was bitten. I had traveled all night from Londrina to Iguazu. I crossed the border, then the bridge by foot and got into the Paraguayan immigration office. It was very hot, I had my hat on and I was wet of sweat. “Are you hot with that hat?” asked me the man officer from beside the long desk. I realized that I should take my hat off and I did.

My passport had that full page large stamp from the Brazilian immigration office about the fine that I paid due to an  overstay of over 100 days beyond my visa. The lady who took my passport called another office and  they both looked at it for a moment. “Where are you going?” “I am going to Reincarnation and go to Posadas today.” I answered. They stamped my passport and I was on my way. I met an English traveler while waiting for the bus to the Terminal. He was going to Ascencion, then Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I mentioned my own trip the other way.

I found my bus as I entered the Terminal. I was leaving Iguazu 30 minutes later. The bus was old and bitten. The trip lasted 6 hours or more. I can’t remember. I checked my mail and none of my local friends had answered. I was on my way to Posadas. I didn’t stay more than an hour in Encarnation. I passed custom – no questions asked – and got down at the Bus Terminal. I was planning to get a cheap room for the night around there and leave next day. I was tired and  my back was not liking the treatment.

The first hotel was a bit too expensive. They recommended me to a hostel 3 or 4 blocks down the road. The night was almost falling and I found them after a good walk. The rooms were small and packed with beds. I was told that I would be alone in the room. The price was acceptable. I took the room… I was at the Hostal Koeyu, Posadas, Argentina.

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Even here you are in my thoughts

First was a feeling of freedom and power
Then we met on that bus
Passion. Intense, absolute passion
Not stopping it…
Merging, immerging, submerging
Into each other
Intense passion. Passion intense.
And a lot of love
Intense, deep love
Love of us, of being together
Love of all, of life
Intense passion. Passion intense.
For ever and ever
And then tension and communion
And Separation
And then
Forever one
Impossible to be alone
With you forever
Day, after day after day
Wherever whenever
Here now and there then

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Escondido em Londrina. Oct 2011 – Fev 2012

Hidden in Londrina…

I got there a few days after my birthday, first week of October 2011. I had made the decision the first of the month to bring a change to my daily activities. I was in a negative environment and it was time to take some space, to move on.

My new host picked me up at the Rodoviária [Bus Terminal] with his Ford Pickup Truck. I did not know that I would be my own prisoner for near 5 months…

He needed a friend, a companion, a teacher, a boss, an expert in many fields, an organizer, a motivator, a rebel, and even a guy who could roast his café to the exact model. I was the one.

I settled first in the farm where I stayed 2 weeks, absorbing all the information that I needed to build his web site. Once the site built, I called him requesting to be moved to town, with full Internet access. That was phase two. Phase one was my first retreat. I did not talk to anyone, received a bit of food now and then and ate little. I slept little with back pain every morning. I missed meeting more people.

We drove from the farm to the city in his pickup truck, with his mom. And then, we went to the office, literally my home for the next 4 months.

I am not sure what happened. After a month, just as my visa was expiring, I announced my imminent visit to my next hosts in Uruguay, but I just could not leave. Why? What is holding me back here? Why can’t I just go now?

It was like a Business job, fixing his computers, organizing his electronic office, developing a strategy, improving production, sales and profits. The complete business project. I was stocked. I got really very busy the first two months and then I reached full stop. My host was not catching up… He was far behind. I started to get bored. I imposed a new deadline, but I knew inside of me that I would not leave yet. The last two months were spent filling my day with a few little challenges of my own, I could no longer do anything but wait for my host, so I experienced with 6 or 7 versions of Linux, read a lot of high-tech news… Until I really realized that it was time to go and to free myself from my own jail. Within 6 days of deciding, I was on my way to Uruguay.

Life in Londrina was city life in the Western World, mid-upper class. We went to all the best restaurants and bars, one after the other. A new one every day for months. Hard to believe that Londrina has so many selected places. It is a rich city indeed. I don’t mind luxury, top service. I am used to it although I have not experienced it as much since I changed my lifestyle. My friend seemed to be very happy to invite me to all these places. He was always extremely generous.

I was back in my business-like life of executive. Dinner in town every evening, partying with his friends in a Chacara outside of the city every Wednesday. Eating fat and drinking beer. It got old very fast. My mission was to motivate my friend, so I was accepting the routine without complaint. I did like his friends, but sitting at the end of the evening to play poker is not my thing!

I did like seeing all these beautiful girls and women all around. Lots of beautiful people in Londrina. It was always a pleasure to get to meet and speak with some of them. Classy, elegant beauties. I certainly enjoyed that. If I only would allow myself to be courting again!!

The weight of the situation became too much and I starting to develop a serious back pain. I was very uncomfortable during my last 10 days in my office-prison. My back was very fragile and it would not heal. Although I could not imagine moving around with my travel bag and computer backpack in this condition, I also felt that I had to leave in order to heal… Move away from that weight which, in reality, was not even for me to hold.

WWoofing is about sharing one’s knowledge and experience in all possible ways with people who need it. It’s also about learning all sorts of things. I am glad that I could help my friend in Londrina with his business. I did learn plenty. It was a very different experience too; I did not know this Brazil, only the rural. I am also glad that my journey will take me back to the countryside on my next stop.

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Five months back into Brazil and into wwoofing (2011)

Traduire en français – Traducir en español

Five months back into Brazil and into wwoofing. Almost wwoofing since I came back to Paraná more as a guest than a wwoofer. I had stayed in contact with Adrian and we had talked about a few projects to develop. So I returned. Lots of work, lots of actions, lots of happenings. I definitely felt back into life, out of my box in France where I had stayed long enough. This has been a very intense time from many, many perspectives. Full of dramas, emotions, coups de théâtre, tears, and laughs, seriousness and craziness. Sadness and joys all together. Life is very intense. Or maybe I am committed too much. Is there a need to limit the passion when living life?

I got very busy as soon as I stepped back into the chacara. Adrian had a full list of things to do and I got on it right away. It took me two months to complete most of the list and reach the point of finally having time to initiate the organic garden project.

I really started working on the organic Project since my arrival in May 2011, although the first two months were only time for observing, dreaming, building all kinds of models and scenarios in my mind and paper, drafting, drawing, finding lines and levels. Because I was busy on other projects, I only could sit on my favorite spot at the end the day and gaze at the garden building itself into my head.

Such a garden should be built in zone 0, close to the main house. I decided to open it next to the Chalet Pioneiro as a symbol, to create a “spiritual” link with the spirit of the pioneers who first came here and who built their first veggie garden at this same place. It was after all my zone 0. So it also made sense to do it here. I could clearly see that this house should be an active center of the pousada and maybe the garden will help bring back this house to a more central place. I see there a natural kitchen and restaurant service for 2 or 3 tables. Small, exclusive, intimate with food mainly coming from the garden! Hot breads, pates and sweet jellies. Great dishes. I like my visions, so allow me sharing this one with you!

In July 2011, I started the hard work. I first cleaned the initial area, about 400 m2 with the help of a wwoofer and one of the workers of the chacará. Help, I was getting, but just a little. Adrian needs most of the wwoofers for his jellies and service at the pousada and rare are the wwoofers who want to spend all their time at the garden. So I worked mostly alone on the project.

After a month of hard labor, Adrian offered to hire someone to assist me. But he did not choose the good chap, gardener, hard worker and nice vibes. He hired a guy that he had hired twice already in the past. His previous intents failed as the guy kept getting drunk, drugged and missing work too often. For some reason, he decided to hire him once again and let me do a miracle to integrate him back to a normal life. I told Adrian that I did not make miracles, and definitely none with people with so heavy problems. I tried my best and the first month was often pleasant. My new assistant helped a lot with great ideas and tricks and he was a great asset for building the structure of the garden. But he started to drink more and more, used a few other things and it all felt apart. He started to be lazy, slow, and inefficient. His schedule was unpredictable. And he turned against me, refusing to complete some tasks, or spending a considerable amount of time doing very little. He became also verbally aggressive with me. I reported with Adrian and asked him to intervene and calm things done. But he did not and we reached a no-return point. At this same exact time, someone robbed my phone, external pocket hard disk, and flashlight  in my room. That day, my assistant did not report for work and was seen very passed out in town. Oops, I am going to fast here…

Soon after clearing the top of the garden, I cleaned the bottom level too (an additional 400m2). We sorted, grouped, and stored properly all the material that we found on site and that could be reused. Heavy work under the sun, moving heavy things here and there. Pieces of bricks and tiles were removed and used for the dirt road. We used all the boards stored under the chalet to rebuild the ceiling of the barn and expand our storage. A garage had been here in the past but had been destroyed by an Eucalyptus tree that crashed on it a few years earlier.

We created a retention wall with bamboo and larges branches to retain the soil and control the bamboo invasion of our new planting zone. Bamboo is really tough to take out, but with persistence, one can live with it and survive.

Then we built a large retention wall to level the soil and control soil erosion, using the material on site and all the organic material that we needed from various areas of the property. Using very rudimentary tools, we create a large flat area that we covered using the Sheet Mulch technique. We used mainly a small cart made for a horse, but with no horse. We brought tons of branches, leaves, left over from the kitchen (lots of it) and we spread this home compost of the past 2 months made of many layers of vegetable peels, seeds, etc… all over the soil on the main platform. We also incorporated some manure from the field of the neighbor next door. We finished with a thick layer of leaves brought from our forest zone and many edges along the property. And hundreds of seeds still alive!

On the lower section, I planted a lot of corn, but a group of local ants ate all the baby leaves one night. My first grand tragedy! “Cade o milho? Where is the corn?” I decided to make instead two large platforms for all sort of roots veggies such as radishes, beetroot, carrots and herbs. I also open below 8 rows to plants peanuts and beans. These resisted the ants and are doing brilliantly.

I planted a lot of things all over, but a lot of tomatoes, pumpkins, squashes and others came out alone from the kitchen’s trash, all coming out everywhere, naturally!  Tomatoes came out into the Herb Spiral unexpectedly and since nobody moved them earlier, they are now reaching the sky making the spiral look like a natural volcano in the middle of a green sea.

I was overwhelmed by all this growth and beauty. Flowers of pumpkins and squashes covering the first platform. Peanuts and beans growing firm below. All was covered with greens. It only needed more diversity. Unfortunately, planting stopped when I left on the first week of October. The garden was then abandoned to itself. This shows how well a permaculture garden grows magically when the gardener must take a leave.

The first stage of this garden seemed to have been reached. We are well advanced in rebuilding our soil and producing food. We must now incorporate a lot of more food varieties and keep a greenhouse active in order to produce all the plantings we need to keep the garden alive and full of food.

I left the pousada just before the rainy season started, first week of October. I needed to step out of this place. The atmosphere at the main house was very dense and negative. I just got robbed. Adrian offered to replace the missing equipment. I was grateful to him. The maid and cook who had been such a good friend, felt rejected since I was spending very little time with her, and made a few scenes screaming at me. She ended up refusing to talk to me. Silent like a grave. I was sorry for her and was also very confused at first. Then I accepted that this woman was very unhappy and that I could no longer influence this. My best way to help here was just leaving. I called my next host, a friend of Adrian, and within a few days I was visiting my new home.

I returned to a quick – one night – visit at the end of November, with my new host. I wanted to see my garden. As I wrote above, I was overwhelmed. I felt very strange there. The pioneer house felt all cold and empty. The garden was growing all over but had been left unattended. The place was left without a heart and I could feel it. I also felt that I did no longer belong to the place. The atmosphere in the kitchen and the full house was alien to me. The maid was still hated me in her silence. I was totally disconnected with all of it, trapped in between two realities.

I completed my last duties with the project, took pictures, gathered the last pieces of information and made a list of recommendations. I was chatting with Sido, the gardener of the chacara,  when I was told that my host was calling me urgently as we were very late for the airport. I picked up my things and run all the way back to the main house with the keys in my pockets and jumped on the pickup truck without a goodbye to anyone! Oops! That was unexpected!

“Project closed”, I said to Egon, leaving in a cloud of red dust while rushing back to town.

List of duties to the Garden Pioneiro:

  • Each wwoofer must plant at least 10 veggies/flowers into the garden within the first 3 days of his/her stay.
  • Take, plant again, eat: always plant.
  • Just take your food. What you don’t eat, the garden eats. Leave there.
  • Nourish the soil always:
    • The undesirable weeds are natural compost.
    • With more multi-diversity, less undesirables and more self-sustainability.
    • Compost on Site: Throw kitchen left over’s directly in the garden, with all the peels and seeds. Throw leaves and material organic of various sorts.
    • Always plant. Multidiversity.
    • Promote self-sustainability with permanent plants and veggies.
    • Create a beautiful and pleasant place
    • Plant, plant and eat every day.

Photo albums:

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My last weeks in France for a long time…

Late April 2011. Nearly five months in France and I feel the need to leave that intensifies. I am no longer counting weeks but days. I’m neither here nor there. The contrast between these last 6 months and the return to the farm in Brazil will be huge. In fact, nothing will be the same, or similar. Joyful environment, warm, with frequent polyglot situations, superb food and very pleasant natural environment.

Six months trapped between my four walls at the corner of the village’s main street, focused all day on readings of programmation and ecological agriculture, and in web programming for months. A world light years away from this small farm in Brazil, O chalet do Suiço. Curious this European reference in the name.

I am more and more there and less here. It’s always strange this feeling of having already left a few weeks before the flight.

I’m just out of my lair. Except for a few nights with a friend of the team of workers for green areas with which I worked for a year. A young man of 28 who has a history, a very interesting. line of life. A brave man who will do wonders if he finds his focus again. He lives in a world a little more underground, alcohol and hard drugs of any kinds. It’s been a few months he is undergoing treatment for dependency management. He looks in better shape than one or two years ago.

With him and his childhood friend, we went into town to see some of their friends underground. And then we had dinner and talked. An atmosphere that seemed very noisy. In addition, my two companions are all rather special. It’s all hyperactive, it moves very quickly in different directions. These evenings were as a preparation to my next move. Detoxification at small dose of my co-dependency on electronics! I needed to get out of my head and I asked him if we could get together. He took really good care of me. A good friend.

This stay in homeland has been intense and sometimes difficult to manage due to the enormous stress from my housing situation. This was only temporary but the surrounding environment eventually tackle my nervous system. The opposite of what I look normally. I also had my mission to take on the health of my mother, to a lesser extent because the situation is too structured to inject a quick and efficient solution. But still … The last attempt! All this without running out of drama, of course.

I find the area very unfriendly for me. The country itself is superb. My god! Nature is beautiful everywhere! But I feel the weight on my being is heavy to bear. I feel a lot of intellectualism and a certain disconnection with reality and our daily needs. Our deepest desires, our dreams. Many clichés and superficiality.
But I also know that my perception is only mine, in response to my personal experience. I do not doubt that there are around great people, happy and open to everyone. I must return to WWOOFing in France in a few years!

The desire to move haunts me now. It is time to prepare my bag and make sure everything I had to do is done!


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New year 2011…

It’s January 1st. I am listening to music from Brazil, Bossa Nova in French. I am not sure not where I am … not sure if I am… on what planet and universe I live.

They say that the Mayans predicted a massive change for 2012. So this should be our last year on earth as we know it! If so, so be it
Meanwhile they sing Bossa Nova in French. I am confused…

If this is my last year on Earth, l say, let’s make it the best of all! We are all bored with politics, social commitments, obligations and unfulfilled commitments. So let them all go!

If this is our last year on earth, what should we do with it?

Obviously we should care less about long term projects, children’s classic education, cancer and all of that!

I say… I don’t know if this is my last year, but I know something for sure, I must make it the best of it!

So for this New Year, I commit myself to do what I want for the best of human kind. And I invite you to do the same thing.

Forget about politics, commitments and social duties. Do as you feel for everyone’s good.

That’s it.


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