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From Belem, Atlantic to Iquitos, Peru , on the Amazon River. January – February 2010.

I started the journey on January 4th, 2010. I gave myself 6 weeks to reach Iquitos. I wanted to take my time and rest here and there. I stayed over a week near Santarem in Alter do Chao and two weeks in Sao Domingo, near Maguari, on the Tapajos River (highly recommended!). I stayed 3 mights in Manaus and one night in Tabatinga. My 3 months visa was expiring so I had to leave Brazil.

Before you start the journey, you´ve got to get your own hammock. You can buy nice ones in Belem for 25 to 45 reales. Many shops in Belem sell them downtown. There is no need to get a mosquito net. I did not get bothered at all by the little blood suckers. Get also a light blanket as the night can be very humid and feel a bit cold. Continue reading

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