Update – February 2015

It has been a long time since I made an entry in this journal. Last was May 2012.

I’ve been in France since then, like exploring another land as I feel as alien here, although I do also belong, I share memories of my youth spent in this place. A strange double feeling of been part and apart. I’ve been relearning things, starting from the social and health services, rights and obligations, social and labors contracts… I’ve been on constant update of the social and political personalities. At first, it was almost as a full time job, lots to learn.

Since May 2014, I’ve been following a « Formation qualifiante », an eight-month professional training course – fulltime – in order to be certified « Formateur professionnel d’adultes » – Professional Trainer/Coach for adults. Translation is hard. I just got my title. Let’s say that I am now working in the field of professional training, with people who need to relearn how to read and write, rebuild their image of themselves, learn about computer and Internet, get a new job or get trained for a new profession.… Anyway…

New life.

The most I enjoy when entering into a new life are the new friends I make. I’ve met lately amazing people with whom I shared and keep sharing fabulous moments. This is the best part!

So it’s official. I am on a new journey. Let’s see where it takes me…


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