Uruguay – Venus and Jupiter – Orion – Wind Storm and Full Moon – A spectacular welcome.

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My host picked me up mi-morning at the hostal where I was staying in Montevideo. His god-son recommended it to me. It was a “hippie-like” hostal full of travelers from all over the world. Dormitories at low cost. A supermarket a block away. Brilliant.

I arrived to Uruguay the same day as my host’s God-daughter. She was coming from San Francisco. First trip in South America. I liked her right away… Hum, this seems to be a pattern, isn’t it?

On our first night at Steve’s place, Jupiter and Venus were rising as the first stars on our south-east sky. The full moon was on my left. In front of me, full sky, my companion, Orion, was welcoming me to my present journey. Full sky, opposite, the South Cross, beautiful.

I feel good and relax. My back no longer hurts. I’ve got my room, my privacy. We are a small group, each fully respectful of each other’s space. Nice.

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Next evening, at sunset. The sky gets darker. The wind is rising. “These are common here. We get quite a few good ones” said Steve. I am in the middle of an Eucalyptus forest. My first storm in Uruguay. The wind grows, trees are bending. Nice sounds, pretty movements of branches and leaves, all in harmony. A ballet with its crescendos and uneven intensity. Curtains are flying. The wind is here and then it goes. Long grasses move like a sea with tall ones mimicking big waves of an angry sea.

My two companions – guests of Steve – his God-children – are returning on their bike from their journey. They are laughing and screaming, wet to the bone…

“That’s the biggest one I’ve seen so far”, said the God-child.

Life is good!

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