Escondido em Londrina. Oct 2011 – Fev 2012

Hidden in Londrina…

I got there a few days after my birthday, first week of October 2011. I had made the decision the first of the month to bring a change to my daily activities. I was in a negative environment and it was time to take some space, to move on.

My new host picked me up at the Rodoviária [Bus Terminal] with his Ford Pickup Truck. I did not know that I would be my own prisoner for near 5 months…

He needed a friend, a companion, a teacher, a boss, an expert in many fields, an organizer, a motivator, a rebel, and even a guy who could roast his café to the exact model. I was the one.

I settled first in the farm where I stayed 2 weeks, absorbing all the information that I needed to build his web site. Once the site built, I called him requesting to be moved to town, with full Internet access. That was phase two. Phase one was my first retreat. I did not talk to anyone, received a bit of food now and then and ate little. I slept little with back pain every morning. I missed meeting more people.

We drove from the farm to the city in his pickup truck, with his mom. And then, we went to the office, literally my home for the next 4 months.

I am not sure what happened. After a month, just as my visa was expiring, I announced my imminent visit to my next hosts in Uruguay, but I just could not leave. Why? What is holding me back here? Why can’t I just go now?

It was like a Business job, fixing his computers, organizing his electronic office, developing a strategy, improving production, sales and profits. The complete business project. I was stocked. I got really very busy the first two months and then I reached full stop. My host was not catching up… He was far behind. I started to get bored. I imposed a new deadline, but I knew inside of me that I would not leave yet. The last two months were spent filling my day with a few little challenges of my own, I could no longer do anything but wait for my host, so I experienced with 6 or 7 versions of Linux, read a lot of high-tech news… Until I really realized that it was time to go and to free myself from my own jail. Within 6 days of deciding, I was on my way to Uruguay.

Life in Londrina was city life in the Western World, mid-upper class. We went to all the best restaurants and bars, one after the other. A new one every day for months. Hard to believe that Londrina has so many selected places. It is a rich city indeed. I don’t mind luxury, top service. I am used to it although I have not experienced it as much since I changed my lifestyle. My friend seemed to be very happy to invite me to all these places. He was always extremely generous.

I was back in my business-like life of executive. Dinner in town every evening, partying with his friends in a Chacara outside of the city every Wednesday. Eating fat and drinking beer. It got old very fast. My mission was to motivate my friend, so I was accepting the routine without complaint. I did like his friends, but sitting at the end of the evening to play poker is not my thing!

I did like seeing all these beautiful girls and women all around. Lots of beautiful people in Londrina. It was always a pleasure to get to meet and speak with some of them. Classy, elegant beauties. I certainly enjoyed that. If I only would allow myself to be courting again!!

The weight of the situation became too much and I starting to develop a serious back pain. I was very uncomfortable during my last 10 days in my office-prison. My back was very fragile and it would not heal. Although I could not imagine moving around with my travel bag and computer backpack in this condition, I also felt that I had to leave in order to heal… Move away from that weight which, in reality, was not even for me to hold.

WWoofing is about sharing one’s knowledge and experience in all possible ways with people who need it. It’s also about learning all sorts of things. I am glad that I could help my friend in Londrina with his business. I did learn plenty. It was a very different experience too; I did not know this Brazil, only the rural. I am also glad that my journey will take me back to the countryside on my next stop.

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