From the heart of Peruvian Amazonia. Iquitos, Last Stop. February 2010

Thoughts and feelings at the end of this journey.

Iquitos, Peru, last stop on my boat journeys. From the Atlantic to the last port at the other end, far west. From sunrise to sunset through the amazing Amazon river and its vast expanses of waters. Sunsets on the Amazon, queen of rivers, for a month.

The journey is superb, both for the majestic beauty of nature, its grandeur and its size, its power, by for what the trip is all spiritual as well as human, a journey of encounters and discoveries, sharing and loving.

I’ve always know that laughter and a sincere smile full of the joy of a child, eyes filled with brilliant rays of the sun … and people will immediately connect. Entertain, but also listen. Each has his own story, his own quest, and his own pain. For many years, I motivate people to make their own choices and live their own lives. They share with me their troubles, their miseries, their needs and I guide them to cure everything and make room for the next step, the start to a new stage of the journey within. We are best friends for a few days, we share some journeys and adventures, and get separated at a street corner, down a taxi or bus. “I´ll send you an email!” I do not know why I do things like that, I follow my heart and I just let him guide me.

I’ve learned many things about Brazil. I’m doing a lot better in Portuguese, enough to make them laugh and talk about themselves. The way they behave toward others is really bizarre and a bit disrespectful to others at first. You step on everyone, as of they were invisible … They seem to be totally egocentric … Anyway; we do with it and adapt. Personally, I find them very enjoyable, once the initial contact. I only made friends and many.

The boats offer comfort close to zero. There are too many passengers and hammocks are placed upon each other, intersecting … Cannot sleep properly with an ass on the nose and two little big that smash you between them. Another below, or bags that get into your back. But despite these conditions, you get to have your little place to share and laugh with your neighbors now, and we end up making friends too. And then we made party friends. Often I’m partying with the local and the Brazilians, and then I can celebrate with the gringos. We have enough nights to share good times and drink a few beers. I don’t get much sleep or too good one. It’s about make the boring your enemy and have good moments.

From all of this, what matters especially, is this spiritual moment in the middle of this immensity and the natural encounters of each one of my companions, their histories, their conversations and their kindness.

So thank you all and all, lifelong friends and travel companions. If you had not been there, one would have had to invent you.

Love to all … Semper Amor.

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