New year 2011…

It’s January 1st. I am listening to music from Brazil, Bossa Nova in French. I am not sure not where I am … not sure if I am… on what planet and universe I live.

They say that the Mayans predicted a massive change for 2012. So this should be our last year on earth as we know it! If so, so be it
Meanwhile they sing Bossa Nova in French. I am confused…

If this is my last year on Earth, l say, let’s make it the best of all! We are all bored with politics, social commitments, obligations and unfulfilled commitments. So let them all go!

If this is our last year on earth, what should we do with it?

Obviously we should care less about long term projects, children’s classic education, cancer and all of that!

I say… I don’t know if this is my last year, but I know something for sure, I must make it the best of it!

So for this New Year, I commit myself to do what I want for the best of human kind. And I invite you to do the same thing.

Forget about politics, commitments and social duties. Do as you feel for everyone’s good.

That’s it.


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