Super wwoofing deluxe in Paraná

I arrived in Paraná three months ago, straight from Foz de Iguaçu, in a bus that took me directly to Rolândia. I arrived by 23h00 with almost four hours delay due to the custom agents that stopped us during a very long time for inspection. Many people go to Ciudad del Este in Paraguay to buy all sorts of things and the custom agents can be very rough. They checked every bag except mine and took many things away, computers, electronic gadgets and clothes. It was quite amazing!

The owner of the farm was supposed to pick me up at the bus station but I preferred to stay in a cheap hotel next to the station since it was very late. I called him next morning at breakfast time and he picked me up 20 minutes later. He drove me 2 or 3 kms out of the city to a small farm on a riverside, with half of the property with undisturbed original forest. The place was built by the first pioneers of Paraná. These adventurers were from Switzerland. In these early days, they used a small waterfall on the river to generate their own electricity. Brilliant! I spent the last month in the original chalet built in 1937. It was a very magical place!

Two of the main projects that I got involved in right away were to totally rewire each chalet and install a brand new electric system, secure and discrete. I felt that it was a very symbolic act to rebuild the wiring as did the ancestors, a connection with them and their spirit, strength and ingenuity. The redesign of the web site, the opening of the new blog and the shop online were part of that same symbolic moment in time, the building of something newer and real although immaterial and only visible in cyberspace.

I was so busy that I did not realize how fast the time was moving. But work was not the only occupation. During all those days fixing and rebuilding space and cyberspace, I also got to know my new friends, eat fabulously, laugh, and listen to brilliant stories and music. I also spent fantastic time giving my best shot to open as many doors to Adrian and many others as they needed in order to move forward.

I know that you all want details and intimate stories but you will have to wait until I find the time to write them. So many emotional moments, scenes and acts with music and dancing, beers, cigarettes, Jacuzzi, hot sex and more. Brazil!

After 2 months in the chacara, I decided to go to Londrina and check the immigration office. I wanted to see how I could stay longer. I was ready to lose my return ticket. But what I already knew was immediately confirmed. “You only can stay 180 days per year. You must leave Brazil and return after 180 days” said the immigration agent. My time here was over for the moment. It was time to go. And soon time to return! I talked to Adrian and we all agreed that I will return in 6 months and stay for maybe half a year to keep rebuilding the chacara and the business. There are many things to do here, but I also have plenty to do for myself and my own projects. I wanted to redesign once again my educational software and get as much knowledge as possible on permaculture. Before leaving I downloaded as many books and films as I could find about permaculture and gardening. I ended up with over 250 books!

Meanwhile, life continued here and I enjoyed every moment of my last days although I got an unexpected injury two weeks before leaving. As I was helping the worker preparing posts for a small construction near the first chalet, I locked my right knee. I felt an intense instant pain. I had to sit on the ground to handle the pain as I doubled my leg. After 3 hours, I could no longer walk. “What is my body telling me here?” I asked myself. Images popped into my mind: “Stop walking, stay here, don’t move.” “You don’t have to do it all right now, stop and spend some time with your friends.” “Be nurtured and nurture yourself”. “Slow down; get in balance, in focus.” By the end of the afternoon, we went to a physiotherapist, acupuncturist and exotic healer of some sort, a friend of the family who was also treating Adrian’s father. That was an extremely intense painful moment. She pulled my leg, twisted in one way and another, got some liquid out of my knee with a syringe and then used needles on my knee. At the end, I was still alive (miraculously) and she said: “You need to walk slowly, but walk.” I was not willing to repeat this dreadful moment and I left walking one step at a time. The scene that I just went through appeared to me as a cartoon with this sweet woman pulling and twisting my poor leg while I was jumping above the massage table in all directions holding my screams. Then she would stop for a moment and I would laugh loudly looking at Adrian’s mother who appeared terrorized at the scene. The situation was absolutely crazy, surreal, directly from a 70’s film.

That same evening, I walk back to my little home from the main house with an old walking stick that Adrian’s mother found in the garage. I walked back with the help of an ancestor and his stick, back to the roots in the Pioneers’ house. I felt that we needed to organize a few brain storm sessions here… Back we got too busy to really do it as I would have love. At least, we had dinner there that night with Adrian, two woofers from Ireland and a very nice woman who was one of the organizers of the Oktoberfest event that was taking place in Rolandia.

By the end of the evening, I could walk much better and most of the pain was gone. The next day, I could walk with no pain, slowly, and I did climb the steps to the office a few times. It was brilliant. My knee did no longer hurt, I just had to take it easy and move slowly and in balance. I felt that the combination of my meditations, visualization and the session with the woman were all part of my fast recovery. I remembered what my body told me, as well as the therapist: “Walk slowly”. That was exactly what I needed to do. I got the point. I must add that I am very grateful to all for the immediate and perfect help that I received from the family. Not to mention the joy, beside all the suffering, of bringing many laughs to all describing the scene on the massage table. “Have serious fun” said a t-shirt that I discovered a month earlier on my backpack (and that I do not recall getting”).

Visit the site of the Chacara Marabu here!

I left on October 31st with a lot of sadness but knowing that soon I would be back!

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