Between Paraguay and Argentina – Couch Surfing for a month.

I crossed Paraguay from Bolivia, across the Chaco with its gigantic fields and cattle. Plaines with no end. Then from Asuncion I followed Road 1 to Villa Florida, turned to Pilar and crossed to Argentina to go to Formosa for a weekend. I returned to Pilar, went to San Juan Bautista and to Encarnacion. I crossed again to Argentina to spend a weekend in Posadas and returned to Encarnacion. Finally, I took the Road 6 to the north and reached Ciudad del Este. I entered Brazil to Fox de Iguaçu to see the falls. I had planned to see the falls from Argentina too, but the weather got very cloudy and I was getting low in cash.

I spent all that time with Couch Surfing host and only when to a cheep hotel in Ciudad del Este. It was a great opportunity to meet different people and travel with very low budget. I met 5 American Peace Corps volunteers who were very friendly, a group of engineers in Encarnacion who live in a very large house and two couples of Argentines who received me very nicely.

Paraguay does not really offer much from a touristic point of view, but the people are very nice and friendly and it is definitely worth visiting.

Now I am in Brazil, as a wwoofer in Paraná!

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