In love with the moon

How can you be in love with the moon? I hear you say. She is so far away, so cold in these winter nights of the south hemisphere. She is so far out of touch…

Look at her again, I say. Every month, she is there, lighting up my night, bringing me joy in the dark starry sky. I can count on her, she’ll always be there. She is a warrior, she is a fighter, breaking out through the clouds, imposing herself, shinning through the night, time after time, connecting me with all the ones I love forever and ever. I can trust her, she’ll always be there for me.

At times, she joins with Venus and makes me vibrate, inside out. I say “I love you Moon, Lua Cheia, Luna Llena, Pleine Lune. You feel up my heart, my body, my soul, my life.”

Will you always be there for me, you my love for whom I cared so much? Will you be there for me, you my friend of a day, of a night, of a week? You who I listened to, you who I care for with all my heart, you who I loved and love with all my being when the sky is cloudy, when you are lost in a city, and you are sad and I no longer am?

She will always be there for me, for you, for all of us, reminding us how much we need to love this miraculous life that is ours, spread this feeling and make it universal.

Remember my friend, my love, you in Spain, in France, in the US, in Brazil, in Peru, in India, in Bolivia, in Africa, in Canada, remember that whenever the moon is full, my heart is full too and it is full of love for you.

So look at the Full Moon, wherever you are, and love her from deep in your heart. Then I’ll feel your love and life will be once again worth living for.

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